A Lifestyle Change

Hello Friends,

Just a little update, I thought it was time to share my health and fitness journey, and maybe I could help someone who may be feeling the same way.

During the month of  February 2014, after making yet another major decision, I moved back to the east coast. Unfortunately, life was not working out the way I thought it would.  Without fail, depression kicked in, and my health started to take a turn for the worse. I was tired all the time, I started to use food as an emotional crutch, and the mood swings were getting on my nerves.  Life was beginning to suck big time.

Now anytime a trip to the MAC store (YES, I live near a MAC store) did not make me happy, I knew things was getting bad.

Depression, weight gain, stress…things needed to change and change fast.

That is when I decided to do something to pick myself up and change things.

The first thing I believed I needed to do was change my eating habits. Stop eating crap and focus on eating clean and healthy. I started to read “The Eat-Clean Diet” book by Tosca Reno to get a better understanding of what eating clean meant. As a person who does not like eating vegetables, I decided to start there.

So I need to figure out how I was going to incorporate vegetables in my diet. After watching several YouTube videos about green smoothies, I thought that would be a perfect way to get vegetables in my diet.  Why someone didn’t think of a smoothie/drink that had veggies and fruit mixed in it, and tastes like a dessert is beyond me, but I take it now.

My next lifestyle change is to exercise more. I began to research exercise videos because going to the gym was not an option for me right now. One day I was watching television and seen the “Focus T25” infomercial. It seem to be something that I could enjoy and I only had to workout for 25 minutes, I placed the order. That is when I found the BeachBody website. Exercising and adding the Shakeology meal replacement.  I have lost 8lbs, and 8 inches with more to go, and I am still pushing play.

Finding Team BeachBody has been the answer to a few problems I would like to resolve. In the past I would by fitness DVDs with the belief that I would use them to get fit. However, after working out with the DVDs after maybe two weeks I would get bored and stop pushing play. With the Beachbody  DVDs, specifically the Focus T25 and now 21DayFix DVDs. I enjoy the workouts, and so far have not gotten bored with any of the programs, and the most important part is that I actually see results.

Admittedly, these lifestyle changes are a work in progress, but I am determined to improve my life. Hopefully, while taking this journey I will meet others on the same path, and we can motivate and support each other to achieve our goals. Wish me luck!!

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