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Another hot and humid day in the city!!!

In my continued effort to combat frizz, I decided to try a twist out style. After reading several natural hair experts suggestions on how to tame the FRIZZ.
The best way to get that natural curly hair frizz control, is to either define your curls with a product or to create a defining style like two strand twists, dreadlocks, braids, pin ups, etc.

While you can only tame frizz with different techniques and products, but getting rid of it completely is nearly impossible. So here we go…

BTW: this is my first Twist Out. (wish me luck!!)

Products Used:

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Co-Wash Cleasing Conditioner

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil ConditionerTwist Out Products

As I Am Double Butter Daily Moisturizing Cream

Twists n Locs Honey Wax Shea Butter Brown

Cotton t-shirt

Wide Tooth Comb

Butterfly Clips

Hair Dryer (optional)

Satin Scarf or Bonnet

 Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Wash and condition hair.

Step 2:  Dried hair with cotton tee shirt (Do not rub hair while drying)

Step 3: Rub moisturizing cream (used “As I I Am Double Butter Daily Moisturizer) into the palm of hand and applied throughout hair, concentrating on the ends. Gently detangled hair with fingers

Step 4: Separated  hair into small sections with fingers.

  • A wide tooth comb can be used, but that will allow the scalp to be more visible. 

Step 5: Started making sections from the nape (in the back, above your neck). Twist Out (after shampoo/condition)Pinned the rest of  hair with the help of butterfly clips to avoid interruption.

Step 6: Applied a small amount of Twists n Locs Shea Butter Brown to the section; root to tip

Step 7: Held a section of hair in hand and separate it into two parts. Started twisting the two parts around each another until they made one long twist. Continued twisting these two strands until the end of hair was reached.

·         Add a little more Twists n Locs Shea Butter Brown to the ends to hold these strands.

Twist Out Step 8:  Repeat with the rest of the sections, working with one area at a time, until all of hair were in twists.

Step 9: Once finished twisting, air dry hair

Step 10: Covered hair with silk scarf/bonnet

Post Care (a.k.a, In the Morning)

1.       In the morning, added little water to hair  

2.       Rubbed a little hair moisturizer/oil in  hand

3.       Untwist  hair and separate the sections

4.       Finger combed hair to loosen twists and create some volume


 Twist Out (results)Twist Out (results_2)

 Are you in a fight with the humidity? Share your tips/techniques in the Forum

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